Banana OG


THC  91%



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This strain truly does taste and smell simply like old bananas. On the off chance that in all honesty, it’s sort of a gross flavor. We were amazed to understand that there was not really any OG kush smell whatsoever to the Banana OG strain. Rather there were shrouded hints of cinnamon and some kind of Christmas-time blend that I just could distinguish in the wake of giving a portion of the buds a decent granulate.

Banana OG is recognized by amazingly enormous, thick blossoms that have a decreased, spade-like shape. The buds keep up an unmistakably indica structure, thick and firmly stuffed. Leaves are a light green and play host to a bounty of rust-hued hairs (which are really pistils expected to get dust from male plants). Banana OG’s blossoms are additionally canvassed in golden shaded trichomes that give the leaves a somewhat yellow tint.

With an uncommon fragrance: when appropriately relieved, blossoms of this strain have the unobtrusive aroma and kind of banana and citrus out of sight. These Kush, Haze, and Skunk hereditary qualities mix to yield a shockingly sweet and gentle smoke. Purchase banana og damp vapes cartridges Online

After looking into it further, there’s likewise a slight lush smell hanging out underneath. Tearing open or crushing the buds emits a greater amount of the damp, gritty fragrances commonly connected with Kush assortments.

When combusted, this strain can have a brutal and hack inciting smoke. On the breathe out, however, this smoke tastes tropical and is undermined by a hashy, incense-like flavor. Smokers should remember this is an especially sharp strain; those hoping to keep their utilization watchful should play it safe.

Banana OG is known to be a creeper of a strain, regularly taking a few minutes before its belongings can be completely distinguished. At the point when the high arrives, it brings the two barrels, following up on the client’s insight and body at the same time. Starting impacts can be bewildering and incorporate discombobulation, rapture, and mind race. Request banana og moist vapes cartridges Online.


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